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Here’s What to Do When Your Well Pump Is Not Pumping

Is it time to replace your well pump? If this equipment is not functioning properly, you might wonder if you need well pump service in Missoula, MT, or if you just need a new pump. The good news is that well pumps tend to last for two decades or more. If you are experiencing issues with your well pump, it’s often due to a minor issue that can be repaired without replacing the entire pump.

How can you determine the issue? If your well pump is not pumping, use the following troubleshooting guide. This will help you fix the problem or decide if you need professional well pump service in Missoula, MT to make in-depth repairs or replace the unit.

No Water

Has the water flow from your pump ceased entirely? This could be due to a simple power issue. First, locate the circuit breaker that controls the well pump and reset it. If the breaker was tripped, turning it off and on again should correct your problem.

The lack of water flow could also be caused by sediment issues. Rocks and other debris can clog your system and block the water flow. Check your system for built-up sediment. If you discover this is an issue, clear away the sediment as soon as possible. Leaving this buildup in your system can wear down the pump and cause further issues.

No Pressure

Without the proper pressure, your tank won’t operate properly. If your pump is not pumping, you may have a broken bladder or worn-out diaphragm. Check these parts to determine if they need to be replaced. If you need new parts, contact your local well pump service in Missoula, MT to obtain the necessary replacements and installation.

No Clue

If you perform these troubleshooting tips and are unable to fix the problem, it’s time to call for professional well pump service in Missoula, MT. It’s important to avoid causing further damage by attempting amateur repairs. If your pump is producing dirty water, spitting air or is running constantly, these can be signs of serious issues. Reach out to a professional for assistance.

Keep in mind, if your troubleshooting efforts work initially, but the problem recurs, there is probably something else going on with your pump. Your local well pump service in Missoula, MT can perform a thorough inspection and determine the root cause of the problem. Once this is discovered, these experts can make repairs that will keep your system running optimally. Regular inspections by these professionals can further improve the overall functioning of your system.

Get More Tips

Would you like to learn more about your well pump system and how to properly maintain it? Contact the industry leaders at Camp Well Drilling and Pump Service. We’ve been the area’s go-to source for professional well pump services since 1953. We specialize in the drilling of water wells, as well as new installations, repairs and replacements for water pumps for residential, commercial, industrial and municipal clients alike. Camp Well Drilling & Pump Service also provides the sales, installation and servicing of constant pressure systems or variable speed drives, water reservoirs or cistern and booster pump systems, water pumps, pressure tanks and hardware. Reach out to us today for better well pump operation tomorrow.

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Seven Common Well Pump Pressure Switch Problems

Issues with pressure switches are a common cause of water well supply problems. Are you struggling with these challenges? If your well isn’t functioning properly, use the following troubleshooting guide from your experts in water well drilling in Missoula, MT.

Many times, property owners can complete a quick fix that will restore their water supply. However, if you aren’t able to solve the problem, don’t hesitate to contact your local professionals in water well drilling in Missoula, MT.

Switch Won’t Turn On

This is one of the most common causes of pump issues. If your switch won’t turn on, your tank pressure might be above the switch’s cut-in pressure. For a quick fix, run water in another part of your property. This will reduce pressure and may cause the switch to operate properly. A gentle tap on the tank or gauge can also help.

Switch Won’t Turn Off

The reverse problem is also a frequent issue. If your switch will not turn off, the first thing you should do is cut the power. This will prevent switch burn-out. Once the power is off, check your water supply. Check for leaks that could be causing pressure issues.

Switch Clicks On and Off

If your pump is cycling on and off, this could be caused by a blown bladder. The endless cycling can cause damage to the contacts on the switch. First, check the bladder, which can be found in the water tank. If it is damaged, replace it. Then, inspect the switch contacts to ensure no damage has occurred from the frequent cycling.

Clogged Pressure Sensor

Sediment in your system can clog the pressure sensors. Your switch is at higher risk of this issue if you live in an area with high mineral content in the water supply. If the sensor is clogged, clean the tube that stretches between the switch and the water supply. Then, clean the switch itself. In some cases of severe clogging, you may need to simply replace the switch.

Damaged Diaphragm

Is your system able to sense the correct water pressure? If the diaphragm switch is damaged, it can not perform this essential function. Over time, diaphragms wear out. If it is no longer able to sense the pressure, you will need to replace the switch.

Failed Connection

Your pump pressure switch problem might actually be due to a connection elsewhere in the system. Look for leaks in the piping. Any loose connections or leaks can cause the switch to malfunction. To obtain a thorough, professional inspection, contact your local experts in water well drilling in Missoula, MT.

Bad Contacts

The electrical contacts of your switch can wear out with use. Corrosion can also be an issue. If frequent cycling or rust has taken its toll, the contacts may be bad, and you’ll need to replace the switch.

Call for Backup

Is your system experiencing an issue you don’t see on this list? If you need more answers or additional assistance, don’t hesitate to contact your local experts in water well drilling in Missoula, MT. Locally owned and operated, Camp Well Drilling and Pump Service prides itself in offering prompt, high-quality services to Missoula and the surrounding areas. Reach out to us today!

As the temperatures begin to drop and the leaves start to fall, homeowners check off their seasonal maintenance list to prepare for the colder months. You may have scheduled your fall HVAC maintenance. Perhaps you inspected your roof. Maybe you already rearranged your wardrobe to access your winter sweaters.

But, what about your well pump service in Missoula, MT? Did you know there are steps you should take to prep this system for winter, too? Use the following expert guide to properly prepare your water pump and well for the cold season. These maintenance steps will help keep your system running smoothly through the winter and prevent additional maintenance and repairs down the road.

  • Protect it: Freezing conditions are harsh on your mechanical seals and bearings. It’s important to protect these parts from the elements during frigid winters. To do this, wrap the water piping and seal. This will provide a layer of insulation to preserve your well pump for the season. For pipe insulation, you can use thick fabrics such as blankets or a foam insulation. Use heat tape to create a tight seal at the edges. If possible, provide a heated shelter for your pump if it will remain exposed during the winter.
  • Drain it: If you shut down your well pump for the season, be sure to drain it fully. It must be completely free of water before freezing temperatures arrive. If not, the water will freeze in your system, expand, and cause damage to the pump. When you drain the system, don’t forget to include all the lines.
  • Check it: During winter, the pump’s bearings require close watch. Condensation in the system can quickly freeze, and the ice will prevent proper movement. Be sure your system has plenty of oil before cold temperatures arrive, so it keeps moving smoothly through the season. Additionally, ensure the type of oil is appropriate for the expected temperatures. Check your manufacturer’s recommendations for use of synthetic or traditional oils.
  • Prep it: Check all moving parts before winter arrives. Will you need new belts soon? The drives and pneumatics should be in great shape to avoid having to replace them during sub-zero weather.
  • Sink it: If your well pump has a fountain or pond location, you may be able to winterize by sinking the motor to the bottom of the pond. Be sure to weight it enough that is sinks below the lowest freezing level of the water.

Do you have additional questions about your well pump service in Missoula, MT? Whether you need assistance with winterizing, need repairs or have other questions, don’t hesitate to contact the experts at Camp Well Drilling & Pump Service. Since 1953, Camp Well Drilling & Pump Service has established itself as Montana’s premier well drilling and pump company.

Locally-owned and -operated, we pride ourselves in offering prompt, high-quality services to Missoula and the surrounding areas. Contact our professional team today at 406-549-3411.

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Can Your Water Well Go Dry?

If your home, business or municipal property uses a well to get water from underground, you may think that the water is always available. While the process of drilling and installing a new well is strategic so you will have water ready whenever you need it, there is always the possibility that your well can run dry.

Fortunately, dry wells are not necessarily permanent. Before panicking about a well running dry, call your local well drilling company in Missoula, MT and see what they can do to help prevent your well from drying up and leaving your building without water.

To better understand dry wells, you must first understand where well water comes from and how it is replenished.

Understanding how wells work

As part of the hydrologic cycle, precipitation from the sky will go to three places: it will evaporate and turn into precipitation again; it will runoff into streams, rivers, lakes and oceans; and it will infiltrate into the ground between soil and rock. This is what we call groundwater.

Groundwater is constantly moving and will seep through various layers of rock and soil. Almost all of the space between rocks gets filled with water, and when a well drilling company in Missoula, MT creates a well to tap into this water, the space underground is called an aquifer.

As your well pump pulls water from the ground, the aquifer below is constantly refilling with fresh water due to the hydrologic cycle and consistent precipitation. This allows your well to provide a steady stream of water. Unfortunately, wells can go dry over time.

Why wells go dry

Your well will be considered dry when the water level in your well drops below pump intake, meaning the water level is too low for your well pump to get water. This is more common in times of drought and overuse, since water is being used faster than it can be replenished by precipitation.

Dry wells may also occur due to the natural flow of water underground. Water fills cracks and holes in the soil and dirt below the earth, but the infiltration may change over time, leaving your aquifer drier than it has been in the past.

Fortunately, this does not mean your well will be dry forever. The hydrologic cycle is constant, even in times of drought. Over time, the water level may rise again, rendering your well usable once more.

What to do when your well is drying up

If you start to notice your well water become murky or your faucets start to sputter with air when running the tap, you should call a well drilling company in Missoula, MT and have them check for a dry well.

Sometimes, the professionals can fix the problem by lowering your water pump to the level at which water currently exists underground. You may also need to deepen your well or hydrofrac it to open up the space underground and increase water flow to your aquifer.

If you suspect your well is going dry, call Camp Well Drilling and Pump Service! Our well drilling company in Missoula, MT has over 65 years of experience installing, repairing and replacing water pumps, drilling wells and installing pressure systems and other hardware. Call us today to learn more about how we can serve you!

Having a well on your property provides you with seemingly limitless access to clean water, which is critical during summer. Hotter temperatures will have you and your family drinking more water, filling up pools and running the sprinkler to keep the lawn hydrated, but is all this water usage okay?

Using your well water in the summer is perfectly fine, as long as you take the time to consider a few important things regarding your water pump, the chance of drought and more. As summer approaches, here are some important things you should know.

Get your pump serviced

Water usage tends to increase in the summer as homeowners fight to stave off the heat. This means that if something within your well were to break, you’d be stuck in the heat with no way to cool off!

To avoid this problem, call a well pump service in Missoula, MT and have your pump inspected and maintained to make sure it is prepared for a full summer of water pumping and to lower its chances of breaking down.

There is a test you can do at home before you call to see if your pump may need immediate attention. Prepare a five-gallon bucket and begin running your faucet until you hear your well pump turn on. When it does, turn off the faucet and let the pump build up pressure and stop running. When you hear it stop, try filling up the five-gallon bucket. If your water pump starts to run before you’re able to fill five gallons, there might be something wrong with your pressure tank or pump, so call a well pump professional!

Check your summer home’s well

If you own a property or cabin you only visit in the summertime and it uses a well, follow a proper “opening up” procedure to avoid any smells or tastes that may accumulate after a few months of inactivity.

Run the faucets in your summer home for a few minutes to let potentially stagnant water out before using it. This will help your well refresh the water supply with clean, “new” water. Make sure you are also having this well’s pump regularly serviced, as well, especially since it may sit unused throughout most of the year.

The water temperature may change

The temperature of your well water might change—or, it may at least appear to. Some well owners notice that the water in their well feels colder in summer and warmer in the winter. In reality, the temperature isn’t changing, just the outside temperature is.

Since the sun can’t heat the water underground, water stays around the same temperature, but it may appear to feel colder or warmer based on the temperature it is outside. When the air temperature is far hotter than the water temperature, the water will feel cool and refreshing.

Rely on a premier well pump service

If you have any problems with your well this summer, rely on a top well pump service in Missoula, MT to get your well back up and running quickly and efficiently. Camp Well Drilling and Pump Service has over 65 years of experience installing, repairing and replacing water pumps, drilling wells and installing pressure systems and other hardware. Call us today to learn more about how we can serve you!

One of the most common questions people have about water wells concerns their benefits. Homeowners want to know: What is the point of having a water well? In other words, people want to know if they will be better off contacting a well drilling contractor in Missoula, MT or if they should choose to connect to the city water supply.

This is an important question to consider, as it affects major decisions about construction and utility usage. If you’re wondering about this, too, consider the following perks of having a water well. The benefits are many, but they fall into four main categories of green.

Save Green

Every homeowner looks for ways to decrease their expenses. This is one of those ways. Having a water well can save you money. When you are hooked up to municipal water systems, you have to pay monthly usage fees and any other taxes they decide to charge. With your own water well, you won’t have to pay these fees. You can control your own water usage to keep your costs within your budget. Over time, you’ll save significant amounts of money.

Go Green

Did you know city-wide systems require chemicals to filter and treat the water? The system is used to support large numbers of people, so the water must be thoroughly treated. A lot of chemicals are used to make the water usable. With your own water well, you don’t need these chemicals for filtering. As a result, your well is more environmentally friendly. You’re reducing the number of chemicals in the environment and lessening your personal exposure to them. If you want to go green, go for a water well. Contact a well drilling contractor in Missoula, MT to explore your options.

Taste Green

Have you noticed that not all water tastes the same? Its source and treatment impact the final quality and taste of the water. When water is free of chemicals, it is not only better for the environment—it also tastes better! It is naturally softened and lacks the chemical taste of other water supplies. With a water well, you can enjoy the clear, refreshing taste of natural water.

Feel Green

Green means go! If you want to get a green light on your health, consider a water well. Water that comes naturally from the ground contains less contamination. Municipal water may contain chlorine and other chemicals. You have less control over its filtering and quality. When you contact a well drilling contractor in Missoula, MT to create your own water supply, you provide better quality water for yourself and your family, which can lead to better health.

Get Green

Are you ready to start taking advantage of these many benefits of water wells? Contact your local well drilling contractor in Missoula, MT today. Give the experts at Camp Well Drilling and Pump Service the green light to get started on your well. A little investment today can provide multiple benefits for tomorrow. Reach out to our experienced team to answer any questions or to schedule your service.

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Warning Signs Your Well Could Be Leaking

If your well started leaking, would you know about it? Do you know what to look for to detect a leaking well issue? Many well owners do not. Too often, the warning signs are there, but well owners don’t recognize what they are. The red flags are ignored, and the well owner doesn’t call for the needed well pump service in Missoula, MT.

When this happens, the issue continues and then worsens. Repairs are not made, and the damage grows until the problem is far more involved and expensive to fix. To avoid this type of scenario, stay alert for the signs that your well is leaking. Look for the following top indicators.

Low Flow

How is your well’s flow rate? Do you know what is normal? You should have a good idea of what to expect from your well. If there is a gradual reduction in the well’s flow rate, this is a sign that it has sprung a leak. If the leak worsens, the flow rate will reduce even more drastically. At the first signs of reduced flow rate, contact a professional for well pump service in Missoula, MT. Prompt repairs can prevent further damage or the need for complete well replacement.

Dirty Debris

Is your water supply clear? If not, take action. If you suddenly experience the presence of debris, sand or dirt in your water supply, your well probably has a leak. Obviously, this debris should not be able to enter your water supply, so there is clearly a problem. Don’t ignore it. Contact your trusted local well pump service in Missoula, MT to take care of this issue right away. With quick repairs, you can enjoy clear water again and avoid further damage.

Filter Frequency

How often do you change your water filters? Keep track of how long they usually last. If you notice you are changing the filter more often than normal, this is an indication that your well is leaking. The leak has altered the water flow and its clarity, causing the need for more frequent filter changes. Don’t keep pouring money into more filters. Instead, contact a technician to inspect your well and make any needed repairs to leaks.

Crack Culprits

It’s also important to be familiar with common causes of well leaks. Your well may suffer a leak due to corrosion, defective casing seams, pressure from objects on the casing, lightning strikes or construction blasting. Some of these situations are more avoidable than others. Regular maintenance of your system by a well pump service in Missoula, MT can help monitor your system for potential problems and fix them while they’re still small.

Lose the Leak

Is your well leaking? If you notice any of the warning signs that you have a leaky well, don’t hesitate to call for well pump service in Missoula, MT. The well experts at Camp Well Drilling & Pump Service are ready to assist you. Reach out to us with any questions about your well or to schedule your next service.

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Why Is Well Sealing Important?

When a property needs water supply, well drilling companies in Missoula, MT drill wells. If, for some reason, a well will no longer be used, it should be sealed. The well may no longer function properly, or the property may be abandoned. Either way, the well should not remain open and available for access.

This is important for two reasons:

  • Falling hazard: If a well is no longer in use, it is often forgotten. The well may no longer be protected with a cover, or the cover may fall into disrepair. Additionally, vegetation may overgrow in the area and conceal the opening. As a result, the open well can pose a danger to animals and people. To avoid potential falls into the well, it should be sealed. The sooner this is done, the better.
  • Environmental hazard: An unsealed well can allow pollutants to contaminate groundwater. These pollutants may be surface runoff or waste that is improperly disposed of. Whether from natural runoff or pollution, the liquid and debris that enter an open, abandoned well can affect the local water quality. To avoid this contamination, old wells must be sealed.

Properly Sealing a Well

If you need to seal off an old well, it is important that you do not attempt this yourself. This process must be carried out by a licensed contractor. They will use the proper techniques to ensure their own safety and the safety of the well.

To seal a well, the technician will clear all debris from the well, cover it and seal it with grout. Depending on the type of well it is, the well will also be filled with clay, pea gravel or limestone chips. The level to which the materials must be filled depends on the depth and construction of the well. A trained technician offers the knowledge and experience required to choose the appropriate filler material and amounts. Completing these tasks will prevent falls and stop any contaminants from seeping into the well.

Don’t hesitate to contact one of the well drilling companies in Missoula, MT to perform this service. Putting it off will create a risk to the local groundwater. Seal it off right away to minimize the potential of accidents or pollution.

Locating an Abandoned Well

As mentioned, abandoned wells that are not sealed can pose hazards. If you have purchased a property, you may need to inspect it for abandoned wells to ensure they are properly sealed. Look for physical signs of a previous well or perform a record search for any wells installed on the property. They can be difficult to find, so you may need to contact well drilling companies in Missoula, MT for assistance.

Seal It

Do you have an abandoned well that requires sealing? Our licensed technicians can help. Contact the experts at Camp Well Drilling and Pump Service today to schedule your well sealing. Get this task taken care of ASAP to avoid the dangers of an abandoned well. Reach out to our team with any questions about your well or to arrange an appointment.

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What You Need to Know About Well Inspections

You’ve heard of a home inspection. You may have had a vehicle inspection at some point. What about a well inspection? Have you ever considered contacting your well drilling contractor in Missoula, MT about one of these?

If you own a well system, this inspection is essential. Your home or business depends on quality water and a smoothly operating well system. In order to maintain a healthy functioning well, you should have it inspected annually. This will help detect any issues and prevent poor performance and additional repairs. If you’re unsure what to expect from a well inspection, use the following guide.

Well Inspection 1, 2, 3

When you contact a well drilling contractor in Missoula, MT to perform a well inspection, they will complete several tasks:

  • Water testing: The water in your well should be tested immediately after the well is installed and at least once a year going forward. This is done to ensure there are no problems with the quality of your water. If the contractor discovers impurities in your water, they can make recommendations for how to rectify the problem. You may need well repairs, a filter system or a new well location.
  • Water flow: The technician will examine the water flow of your well. They will note how strongly and reliably it flows. If there is an issue with the flow, they will help you investigate what could be causing a blockage or determine if your well is drying up.
  • Water pumping: As part of the well inspection, the contractor will look at how much water can be pumped from the well. Based on your water supply needs, he or she will determine if the well is producing sufficient supply or if further action is needed.
  • Water location: The location of your well is important. The technician will examine where the well is located in relation to your property lines, bodies of water and your septic system. If the technician detects any potential problems, he or she will inform you and offer potential solutions.
  • Water filters: Does your well system currently use any filters? A well expert can examine your system and recommend appropriate filter systems to achieve the best water quality for your property. If your filter needs to be changed or repaired, an inspection will also reveal these issues.

Well Inspection X, Y, Z

You may be wondering how long this thorough inspection will take and what will be required of you.

A typical inspection takes 1.5 to 2 hours. If there is snow cover, it may take a little longer. You will need to be home during the inspection, as the technician needs to access both interior and exterior aspects of your property. If you share a well with a neighbor, they will need to access their property as well. To complete the inspection, the technician also requires running electricity and water on the property.

Want More Info?

If you have additional questions or concerns about well inspections, contact your well drilling contractor in Missoula, MT today. The expert team at Camp Well Drilling and Pump Service offers extensive experience and in-depth knowledge to answer all your questions and deliver top-quality service.

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What Equipment Is Needed to Drill a Well?

In America, there are over 40 million active water wells. Most of those wells were drilled (not dug) with a cable tool drilling rig. These rigs used a carbide tip drill to work through the rock, and intermittently use water, a bailer and a bucket tool to remove the rock and soil fragments from the drill hole. Nowadays, almost no one in the U.S. still uses cable-tool drills, as they’re more time consuming than more modern rotary rigs, which eject the debris caused from drilling during the drilling process.

In the United States, most people use a mobile rig setup on an industrial truck.

Mobile rig

Most modern wells are drilled by a mobile drilling rig that either uses air power, hydraulic power or machine power to perform the drill cutting. These machines are flexible and can be outfitted with different drills for different situations, such as an auger for softer soil, and rotary drill bits for rock. While these machines do their work, they use mud pumps and air compressors to help remove excess soil and rock while also driving the drill deeper. These modern mobile rigs are usually capable of drilling wells of around 1,000 feet, whereas the older cable-tool style rigs can dig much deeper, though they do so much slower.

Once the well is drilled

Once the well is drilled, your provider of water well drilling in Missoula, MT will install a pump to help bring the water from the water table to the surface. As long as the water in your well stays above the levels of the pump intake, your well should function beautifully. Only if it drops below this level will the well “go dry.” Generally, your water well drilling company will know a lot about the historical water table and will therefore plan to drill a well for you that should easily stand the test of time.

We use only the leading pumps from the most reputable brands around, including:

  • Goulds
  • Franklin Electric
  • Grundfos
  • Webtrol
  • Meyers
  • Flint & Walling
  • AY McDonald

Once your well is drilled and fully set up, your water well drilling company will then register your well with the proper authorities (all wells must be registered). Our well drilling is a full-service offering. And, because we only use top-of-the line equipment, and only the most talented and expert team available—not to mention our nearly 65 years of experience in water well drilling in Missoula, MT—you’ll know that when you work with us, you’re getting the best.

Reach out to a well drilling company in Missoula, MT

Give Camp Well Drilling and Pump Service a call if you’re in need of a well drilled or a pump repaired or replaced. We’ve been the premier providers of water well drilling in Missoula, MT since 1953, and have helped so many hundreds of customers over the years gain access to water. We always provide high quality, prompt and affordable service—in fact, we’ve made our reputation by doing just that. If you’d like to work with the best, most knowledgeable team of water well drilling experts in the state, give us a call today.