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Saturday, 24 November 2018 13:20

Does My Well Pump Need to Be Repaired or Replaced?

If your well pump isn’t working properly, you aren’t able to get the water you need. If you’re noticing problems with your well water, there is a chance that the problem lies with the pump. Well pumps are crucial to the functionality of your well and should be regularly maintained. If something breaks, you might need well pump repairs in Missoula, MT.

However, sometimes well pumps become too worn or damaged and need to be replaced instead. You may be wondering, “How do I know whether I need to have my pump repaired, or if I need water pump replacement in Missoula, MT?” The decision between repair and replacement isn’t always an easy one. Speak to a professional who installs well pumps to get their expert opinion on whether your pump should be fixed or replaced.

Well pump problems

Your well pump should normally be maintained once a year by a well pump professional to make sure it is running smoothly. However, if you neglect to maintain the pump, or have it maintained but something breaks afterwards, you’ll have to decide whether to repair or replace it.

There are certain signs you should look for that might indicate a problem with your well pump. If it’s the first time your pump is giving you problems, you should consider repair. However, certain problems may be too expensive to fix and might require replacement instead:

  • Reduced water pressure: If your pump suddenly drops in water pressure, giving you a trickle or no water at all, this might indicate problems with the pressure switch or controller, which can easily be repaired. However, it might also mean that the pump is too small for your home’s water usage. This will cause the pump to have to work overtime to keep up with the water demand, causing it to fail. In this case, you will want to consider water pump replacement in Missoula, MT and choose a larger pump.
  • Dirty or murky water: Murky water coming through your taps might indicate that the water table is low in your well. While water table levels fluctuate, you may need to consult a well drilling professional to determine whether your well should be drilled lower. If you continue to let your pump pull from low water, it will probably cause irreparable damage.

Repair or replace?

The cost of the repairs versus the cost of a new pump should be considered, as well as the number of times you’ve had to repair the pump in the past.

Different well pump types might also cost more money to fix. Above-ground pumps are much easier and less expensive to repair than submersible pumps, which usually need to be pulled from the well altogether.

The best way to determine the level of damage on your well pump is to speak with a well pump professional. They will be able to tell you whether your pump can be repaired with a new part or if you need to get an entirely new pump.

If you require well pump repairs in Missoula, MT, contact Camp Well Drilling and Pump Service. For over 60 years, we have provided excellent water well services, including well drilling, installation, repair and replacement. Our team is prepared to provide you with excellent pump repair and replacement service!

Many households increase their water usage in the spring and summer. It is never good to go without fresh running water, but this can be a catastrophe in the warmer months. Keeping up with needed repairs and maintenance is a good idea, but there are other ways you can avoid well pump repair in Missoula, MT. Here are five of them:

  • Stay current on inspections: Arrange for at least one pump inspection per year. We cannot fix problems unless we find them, and to do that, you need to keep us involved. During this visit, we perform a full system check, including the pressure switch. The service also includes a performance check on the pump and motor, as we check the efficiency of the pump and its seals. This usually catches any serious problems before you wake up one morning with no running water!
  • Do not skip the bacteria test: Even if your water remains pure and you avoid any signs of bacterial infestation, you still need to perform a bacteria test at each inspection. There may not be enough bacteria to make you sick, but it can contaminate your pump and demand expensive cleaning services. Check for bacteria whenever you notice changes in the smell, taste or color of the water. This routine occurs every three to five years, but if you fall off schedule, test it as soon as possible.
  • Clear out deposits: There are cleaning products available that will prevent deposits and clogs from building up. They are not the same grade as the disinfectant cleaners we use, but they will control bacteria if used regularly. Besides avoiding contaminants, clearing out deposits also helps motor efficiency. Addressing these problems prevents issues and failure later. Many problems resolve with a good cleaning. If that does not work, then you likely need to call us in to repair the pump motor.
  • Take precautions against power surges: Since power surges affect well pumps more than other systems in your home, it is best to avoid them completely. Add a backup generator or an alternative power source in case there is a power surge. This keeps the pump running even when power is out, and keeps circuits from becoming overwhelmed and failing. If an additional power source is not feasible, consider powering down your pump during storms and other instances when the chance of a power surge is high. That limits your access to water, but prevents the long-term consequences of losing your pump entirely.
  • Understand your system: Do not think you can get by without any knowledge of your well pump system. You need to know how to power it down, clear the well screen and distinguish normal functioning from anything more problematic. This helps you find problems before they escalate. You will also know when an issue is clearly beyond your capabilities so you can call in a technician.

For well pump repair in Missoula, MT and other well services, contact the experts at Camp Well Drilling and Pump Service today!

If you have a well at your house that you rely on for your daily needs, it is absolutely essential that you monitor its condition regularly. This way, if you see an anomaly in its functioning, or have a suspicion that something is off, you can call in an expert for well pump repair in Missoula, MT before a small issue turns into a larger, more costly problem.

There are three common “red flags” you can watch out for with your own well. Read on to learn more about these common issues so you know when it’s time to call for help.

No water

Obviously, a well should have water in it, so if yours doesn’t have any, this is absolutely something that needs to be addressed! An easy way to tell you have no water without even looking in the well is simply to turn on a faucet to wash your hands, or try to run a bath before bed. If no water comes out, your well is in trouble. One possible cause could be that your submersible pump is spent. Another possibility is that you’ve blown a fuse. You might also have a clog in your pump somewhere, which means it’s not broken, but it does need to be cleaned—thus saving you the time and money required to install a brand new pump.

Weak pressure

You’ve probably gotten used to the amount of water pressure your pump provides, so identifying a water pressure problem will probably be easy for you. For example, if you turn on the shower and the water is weak, that’s a problem! It’s possible that your submersible pump is no longer performing at its full capacity, that you have a small leak somewhere, or that your pressure tank is malfunctioning. Get some professional advice, because it could be an easy fix, or it could be an indication that the pump itself is shot. Either way, you’ll want to know as soon as possible so you can remedy the situation.

Your pump is too busy

Most submersible pumps will run for a period of time and then shut off for another set period of time. If yours suddenly shifts to always running full throttle, even when you don’t need any water in the house, that’s a pretty clear indication of a deeper issue. Your pump’s tank could be waterlogged, you might have a shutoff switch that’s not functioning anymore or you might even a sensor that’s broken. The only way to know for sure is to call in a good company for well pump repair in Missoula, MT to take a look and give you some advice.

If you notice something amiss with your well, call in a knowledgeable crew for well pump repair in Missoula, MT so you can get back to enjoying your water as soon as possible. To learn more or schedule service with an expert technician, get in touch with Camp Well Drilling and Pump Service today. We look forward to assisting you!

When your water well pump stops working properly, most property owners have no choice but to hire a well service for well pump repair in Missoula, MT. But it is important to keep in mind that each pump repair situation is different, meaning that you need to make sure you understand everything about your particular scenario. The best way to do that is to communicate—with your contractor, to figure out the logistics, and with yourself, to determine your needs and preferences. With that in mind, here are six questions to ask before, during and after well pump repair in Missoula, MT.

Should I repair or replace?

If your pump is still relatively new or the repair is an easy fix, then you will probably want to hold onto it. On the other hand, if your pump is getting on in years or you’re facing an especially costly repair, replacement might be a better option. Talk to your contractor to get a good idea of your options.

What is the budget and timeline?

Time and money are two of the most important factors in any contracting job. Each well drilling contractor approaches these factors a bit differently, but the most important thing is that you are both on the same page before the work begins. Ask your contractor to keep you in the loop about any potentially time-consuming or costly things that might come up during the repair process.

Could I have avoided this problem?

Inevitably, things do break, and some repairs are unavoidable. But often, pump repair issues could have been avoided with simple routine maintenance. Obviously, this information will not help you very much right now, but it could help you avoid similar problems in the future. Ask your contractor for their opinion about your repair.

Do you offer maintenance?

If it turns out your need for repair was caused by a lack of maintenance, you will want to make sure you change course after the repair. If you find your well pump repair contractor to be reliable and trustworthy, you may as well set up a routine pump maintenance schedule with them as well.

How long should this pump last?

If you are replacing your old pump altogether, you should know how long you should be able to expect the new one to last. And even if you are having your existing pump fully repaired, the damage might mean a shorter shelf life for your pump, which you also ought to be aware of.

Are you qualified for this job?

One of the best pieces of advice we can give you is to always make sure your pump contractor is fully licensed, insured and bonded, and that they have experience with the job. Doing otherwise is akin to hiring a doctor or lawyer without the proper graduate degree.

When you need fast, affordable and dependable well pump repair in Missoula, MT, we hope you will trust the team at Camp Well Drilling and Pump Service with the job. We are fully licensed, bonded, insured and experienced.

It’s easy to take the running water in our homes for granted. We rely on water numerous times throughout the day—from our morning showers to the dishwasher that cleans up after our meals—and we don’t always remember that it’s coming into our homes from the same place: the well that serves our property. It’s only when we start to have problems with our well that we’re reminded of exactly how important it is in our daily lives!

Generally, well problems pertain to the well pump more often than not. Well pumps are critical in getting fresh water into our homes and if anything goes wrong with the pump, the results are bound to be reflected in the problems we experience with our water.

Take a look at five common signs that you need immediate well pump repair in Missoula, MT and what these issues might indicate:

  1. Dirty water: Dirty water is a major problem for a number of reasons, namely because it’s unsanitary. Tracing dirty water back to a well pump is easy enough and it generally occurs when the seals protecting the pump have been compromised in some way.
  2. Gurgling or plunging noises: If you hit the tap and you’re greeted with a gurgling noise or odd sucking sound before water comes out of the tap, it’s a sign that your well pump is under duress. These strange noises indicate that the pump is nearing mechanical failure or that air has gotten into the system causing a loss of pressure, which can invite any number of other issues to arise.
  3. High energy bill: Has your energy bill spiked recently? If so, the culprit might be the last thing you suspect: your well pump. If your pump has been compromised in some way and is struggling to hold pressure, it might run continuously, which can dramatically increase your energy bill each month.
  4. Loss of pressure: If your water pressure takes a dip it might be time to check that your well pump hasn’t been compromised. Pumps are a closed-loop system and when that system becomes damaged it’s going to compromise pressure, which will eventually show when you turn on the sink or step into the shower.
  5. Total pump failure: This is a no brainer! If you turn on your faucet and nothing comes out, you’re going to want to get on the horn about well pump repairs in Missoula, MT right away. Any number of things can cause a pump to fail entirely—including a power outage—so it behooves you to call a professional right away to pinpoint and isolate the problem.

Issues with your well pump are nothing to ignore and even worse to let fester. A couple hundred dollars in repairs might not be the cheapest home expense you have to undertake, but they’re going to be far more affordable than a full pump replacement, which can range in the thousands of dollars when all is said and done