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Here’s What to Do When Your Well Pump Is Not Pumping

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Here’s What to Do When Your Well Pump Is Not Pumping

Is it time to replace your well pump? If this equipment is not functioning properly, you might wonder if you need well pump service in Missoula, MT, or if you just need a new pump. The good news is that well pumps tend to last for two decades or more. If you are experiencing issues with your well pump, it’s often due to a minor issue that can be repaired without replacing the entire pump.

How can you determine the issue? If your well pump is not pumping, use the following troubleshooting guide. This will help you fix the problem or decide if you need professional well pump service in Missoula, MT to make in-depth repairs or replace the unit.

No Water

Has the water flow from your pump ceased entirely? This could be due to a simple power issue. First, locate the circuit breaker that controls the well pump and reset it. If the breaker was tripped, turning it off and on again should correct your problem.

The lack of water flow could also be caused by sediment issues. Rocks and other debris can clog your system and block the water flow. Check your system for built-up sediment. If you discover this is an issue, clear away the sediment as soon as possible. Leaving this buildup in your system can wear down the pump and cause further issues.

No Pressure

Without the proper pressure, your tank won’t operate properly. If your pump is not pumping, you may have a broken bladder or worn-out diaphragm. Check these parts to determine if they need to be replaced. If you need new parts, contact your local well pump service in Missoula, MT to obtain the necessary replacements and installation.

No Clue

If you perform these troubleshooting tips and are unable to fix the problem, it’s time to call for professional well pump service in Missoula, MT. It’s important to avoid causing further damage by attempting amateur repairs. If your pump is producing dirty water, spitting air or is running constantly, these can be signs of serious issues. Reach out to a professional for assistance.

Keep in mind, if your troubleshooting efforts work initially, but the problem recurs, there is probably something else going on with your pump. Your local well pump service in Missoula, MT can perform a thorough inspection and determine the root cause of the problem. Once this is discovered, these experts can make repairs that will keep your system running optimally. Regular inspections by these professionals can further improve the overall functioning of your system.

Get More Tips

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