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Seven Common Well Pump Pressure Switch Problems

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Issues with pressure switches are a common cause of water well supply problems. Are you struggling with these challenges? If your well isn’t functioning properly, use the following troubleshooting guide from your experts in water well drilling in Missoula, MT.

Many times, property owners can complete a quick fix that will restore their water supply. However, if you aren’t able to solve the problem, don’t hesitate to contact your local professionals in water well drilling in Missoula, MT.

Switch Won’t Turn On

This is one of the most common causes of pump issues. If your switch won’t turn on, your tank pressure might be above the switch’s cut-in pressure. For a quick fix, run water in another part of your property. This will reduce pressure and may cause the switch to operate properly. A gentle tap on the tank or gauge can also help.

Switch Won’t Turn Off

The reverse problem is also a frequent issue. If your switch will not turn off, the first thing you should do is cut the power. This will prevent switch burn-out. Once the power is off, check your water supply. Check for leaks that could be causing pressure issues.

Switch Clicks On and Off

If your pump is cycling on and off, this could be caused by a blown bladder. The endless cycling can cause damage to the contacts on the switch. First, check the bladder, which can be found in the water tank. If it is damaged, replace it. Then, inspect the switch contacts to ensure no damage has occurred from the frequent cycling.

Clogged Pressure Sensor

Sediment in your system can clog the pressure sensors. Your switch is at higher risk of this issue if you live in an area with high mineral content in the water supply. If the sensor is clogged, clean the tube that stretches between the switch and the water supply. Then, clean the switch itself. In some cases of severe clogging, you may need to simply replace the switch.

Damaged Diaphragm

Is your system able to sense the correct water pressure? If the diaphragm switch is damaged, it can not perform this essential function. Over time, diaphragms wear out. If it is no longer able to sense the pressure, you will need to replace the switch.

Failed Connection

Your pump pressure switch problem might actually be due to a connection elsewhere in the system. Look for leaks in the piping. Any loose connections or leaks can cause the switch to malfunction. To obtain a thorough, professional inspection, contact your local experts in water well drilling in Missoula, MT.

Bad Contacts

The electrical contacts of your switch can wear out with use. Corrosion can also be an issue. If frequent cycling or rust has taken its toll, the contacts may be bad, and you’ll need to replace the switch.

Call for Backup

Is your system experiencing an issue you don’t see on this list? If you need more answers or additional assistance, don’t hesitate to contact your local experts in water well drilling in Missoula, MT. Locally owned and operated, Camp Well Drilling and Pump Service prides itself in offering prompt, high-quality services to Missoula and the surrounding areas. Reach out to us today!

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