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Saturday, 24 November 2018 14:49

The Health Benefits of Regular Water System Maintenance in Missoula, MT

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You’re probably aware of the health benefits of regular exercise. If you brush your teeth each day, you probably value the health benefits of oral hygiene. But did you know there are also health benefits that come with regular water system maintenance in Missoula, MT?

That’s right—keeping this system well maintained offers personal health benefits for you and your family. In contrast, failure to properly maintain this system can prove detrimental to your health. Here’s the scoop.

Pure Water is Good for the Body

Our bodies need water to survive. Our bodies need quality water to thrive. It stands to reason that when you give your body the pure water it needs, you’ll feel better. Your health benefits from a healthy intake of water.

When you take in more water, your body is better able to absorb nutrients. This intake also helps with weight loss and detoxification. Keeping the body well hydrated with purified water keeps systems operating optimally and boosts your overall health.

How can you achieve this healthy intake of water? When you perform regular water system maintenance in Missoula, MT, you keep your system in top performance so it delivers the pure water your body craves.

Water Systems Are Environmentally Friendly

What happens when people don’t have access to a well-maintained water system? To avoid drinking poor-quality water, they often purchase bottled water. This results in piles of plastic at landfills all over the world. Use regular water system maintenance in Missoula, MT to reduce waste and keep the planet cleaner. This will benefit not only your health, but that of generations to come.

Water Filtration Removes Toxic Elements

If you properly maintain your water system, you will remove a host of potentially dangerous contaminants from your water. Regular maintenance allows the system to properly filter out toxins that are hazardous to your health.

Arsenic is one of the poisons traditionally found in tap water. This is a potent carcinogen that can increase the risk of cancer. A water filtration system in Missoula, MT can also filter out disinfection byproducts. These are used by municipalities to disinfect drinking water. While they make the water healthier in some ways, they can also add harmful chemicals like chlorine to the water. A properly maintained filtration system will safely remove these byproducts.

Aluminum is another element often found in unfiltered municipal water. Consuming too much aluminum may cause skin problems, hyperactivity, Alzheimer’s disease and liver disease.

The fluoride found in drinking water can also pose health risks. It may lead to cellular damage and a weakened immune system.

The pipes used for many water systems are older, which means they may be made of lead. As the material leaks into the water, it can make the water dangerous. Fortunately, a water system can filter out the lead and protect you from these potential harms.

Protect Your Health

Why not start reaping the health benefits of purified water? For proper water system maintenance in Missoula, MT, partner with the pros at Camp Well Drilling and Pump Service. Since 1953, we’ve been a premier source for prompt, high-quality services in Missoula and the surrounding areas. Contact us today with any questions or to schedule your next maintenance service.

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