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Everything You Need to Know About Water Well Installation in Missoula, MT

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If you live within city limits, you likely have no need for a water well. The city provides water for you, and you pay for it through utility bills. However, if you live outside of city limits and you want running water, it’s necessary to have a water well. Before you pay for water well installation in Missoula, MT here’s a fairly comprehensive list of everything you need to know about water wells.

What is a water well?

First and foremost, if you’re considering installing a water well, you should probably know what it is. A water well is a structure drilled into the ground to get to groundwater. Water is drawn to the surface by a water pump. Depending on the type of water pump, the pump either draws the water up, where it’s stored in a tank, or it draws water up to the surface directly into your pipes and into your home or business.

When do I need a water well?

In the olden days, everyone needed a water well, no matter where they lived. But thanks to modern technology that delivers fresh water to every building in a city, only folks who live outside of city limits need to pay for water well installation in Missoula, MT.

Where should a water well be installed?

Before installing a water, well it’s probably a good idea to know where you can do it to get the most water as possible. It’s fairly uncommon to drill and hit a totally dry spot, but it can happen. More often, a well will be drilled and the water yield will be minimal for one reason or another. That’s not good. Luckily, your contractor, with the help of the local government, will figure out the ideal spot to drill to get the most bang for your buck. Your contractor will also obtain all of the necessary permits to start drilling.

How is a water well installed?

Centuries ago, when humans were digging the first wells to get to fresh water in arid locations, they had to dig wells by hand with rudimentary shovels. Fortunately, we’ve come a long way since then, and now have methods for installing a well without hours upon hours of digging through dirt.

There are two ways to install a well in 2016. We can drive a well into the ground using heavy machinery to force it in. Or, we can drill it in using heavy machinery that is usually attached to the back of the truck. The length of the well depends on how deep down the ground water is located. After all, you don’t want a well that’s too shallow to make it to the water. Our experts will determine how deep the well needs to be. The diameter of the well, meanwhile, depends on how much water you’ll need and at what rate you’ll need it.

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