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Consider Steel Tanks Prior to Your Well Drilling Project

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When you start well drilling in Missoula, MT for your new water system, you will have many options for water tanks, including ones made of fiberglass, plastic and steel. While steel is the most expensive choice available, it is money well spent. Here are four reasons why you should consider steel and not let the price scare you away:

  • Hygiene: You need to take hygiene into account, since this tank holds potable water that you will use for drinking, bathing and other hands-on tasks where contamination can be dangerous to you, your household and any animals. Since steel resists corrosion, it is unlikely to leak and let in bacteria that could make your household sick. Also, steel keeps out dirt that threatens home health so your water remains untouched and clean. Hospitals prefer steel water tanks because they are the only way to guarantee the purity of the water. You have to admit that is a pretty strong endorsement right there!
  • Recyclable: When steel reaches the end of its useful life, it is easily recyclable. While you will likely have to wait a long time to replace it, many people feel reassured that their old tanks do not have to take up landfill space. Steel tanks are also made of 50 percent recycled material, making it an even more ecologically friendly choice. Sometimes, when you send it away for recycling, you can get money for it as scrap metal. That definitely creates a nice win-win situation.
  • Built to last: Since steel tanks contain anti-corrosion properties, your tank remains durable, which keeps your water safe. If you choose tanks made of other material, you need to add internal and external sealing to gain this level of toughness—a step that will increase the price. Steel tanks do not require additional treatment to remain strong, and that makes them ready for immediate installation. Tanks stand up to extreme temperatures and even fire, which makes them a reliable material for your water supply. In fact, steel tanks have a lifespan of 30 to 100 years, depending on how the seams are welded. The purchase price pays for itself by avoiding the need for replacement and maintenance.
  • Many options available: You can purchase a steel tank in any shape or size you require. You are very likely to find a design that fits your space and needs. There are also customization options available if your circumstances are truly challenging. One designer who is good at welding only needs to make a few adjustments to make a steel tank work for you. If the tank needs to be visible for any reason, homeowners have even designed them to fit with the architecture and landscaping for their homes. Customization is not normally available when you have tanks made of other types of material.

If you are looking into well drilling in Missoula, MT, you need an experienced team to finish the project. Camp Well Drilling and Pump Service is your one-stop shop for residential and commercial water systems. Call us today to arrange for an estimate and see what we can do for you.

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