• About Camp Well Drilling & Pump Service

    Camp started in 1953 as a small well drilling business before adding a pump division a few years later. The business grew along with Camp’s reputation for doing good work and being honest. This is a reputation we’re proud to uphold more than 60 years later.

    Over the years our services have expanded, we’ve moved to new locations and our crew has grown but we still strive to provide a lasting value to each of our customers, and deliver the highest quality products and services available.

    Whether you’re a residential, commercial, industrial or municipal customer, when it comes to drilling a well or installing and servicing a well pump and water pressure system, you can count on Camp for quality service.

    We offer our clients time-tested quality products, skilled and knowledgeable service crews and top notch customer service. As a locally owned and operated business, we take the time to build relationships with clients and carry out their needs in a professional and timely manner.

    If you are seeking a new water well or are in need of a pump or pressure system upgrade or replacement, our trained professionals are able to set up your water system from start to finish. Camp is fully licensed and accredited for drilling, monitoring and contracting so that we can ensure the safety of every client we serve.

    Contact us today to get on our well drilling schedule or to set up an appointment for service by calling 406-549-3411

  • Pump Service

    Whether your water well pump or pressure system is in need of routine maintenance or a total replacement, our expert technicians have seen and handled it all. We proudly offer our services to all residential, commercial, industrial and municipal clients.

    When it comes to your well pump and water pressure system, you can count on Camp for quality service. Installing and servicing constant pressure systems, standard pump systems, water cisterns, pressure tanks and other system-related hardware for your convenience.

    Some of the services we offer include:

    • NEW SYSTEMS – From design to installation of your new pump and water pressure system.
    • REPAIR – Troubleshooting your system to determine the problem and then replacing broken or worn products as needed.
    • SERVICE – Thorough system check and analysis to judge system performance.
    • UPGRADE – Modernizing and upgrading to a more quiet and efficient water delivery system.
    • WELL TESTING – For purchasing a new home or land, or merely peace of mind.

    Camp sells and utilizes equipment from high quality manufacturers. If there is a special brand or product that you wish to use we can accommodate you.

    For more information on repair, replacement or installation, contact us by calling 406-549-3411.

  • Well Chlorination Procedure


    A complete chlorinating of the well and distribution piping can often eliminate problems of iron bacteria, organic growths, algae, and their associated tastes and odors. Chlorination is not effective for removing the entire "rotten egg" odor of sulfur waters, or for killing bacteria where septic drainage, etc. has contaminated the underground water supply. Warning- Electrical shock hazard exists In well. Where wires are spliced use caution.

    The method commonly used to chlorinate household wells with well caps (system with a well seal requires a pump technician) are as follows:

    1. Flush pressure tank and hot water heater to remove all loose sedimentary material. Warning- Bypass any water treatment equipment. E:r:cess/l:e chlorination can damage media.
    2. Remove the well cap and with the power in the "off" position pull wires out of the way. Do not disconnect wires. Warning- Electrical shock hazard exists.
    3. Connect a hose to any nearest outside faucet and insert the discharge end of the hose into the well casing.
    4. Pour 4+ gallons of high concentration unscented bleach into the well. Open the faucet and run until chlorine odor is detected. Rinse casing and top of pitless thoroughly and allow the water to circulate for about 15 minutes. Use caution not to pour chlorine or water on the splices or wire.
    5. While the water is circulating, open each cold water tap in the house, until a chlorine .odor can be detected. Then open each hot water tap until a chlorine odor can be detected. Warning- Attention slwuld he taken to limit the amount of cltlorlnated water introduced In lite septic system.
    6. Pour another 2 gallons of high concentration unscented bleach into the well, rinse casing and top of pitless thoroughly and continue to circulate for an additional 15 minutes.
    7. After the circulating period, the system should be shut down and unused for a minimum of 4 hours, preferably 24 hours. Do not use water, except for toilets, until the water is free of chlorine. Warning - Do not water livestock or pets.
    8. After the 24 hour period flush the well first by removing the hose from the well casing and opening the hose faucet until the discharge is free of chlorine( dispose of chlorinated water properly, ditch, driveway or field). Only after the well is tree of chlorinated water can you begin flushing the house taps. Begin by draining the hot water tank outside if possible, then open each cold and hot tap and allow to run until water is free of chlorine. Warning- Avoid discharging this high{v caustic water onto landscaping. Attention should he given to limit the amount of chlorinated water introduced into the septic system.
  • Well Drilling

    Adding a water well to your property is a wise and resourceful investment that you’ll want to have handled properly from start to finish. With over 60 years of experience in water well drilling in North-western Montana, Camp is the most qualified well drilling and pump system installation contractor in the area.

    Some of the services we offer:

    • NEW WELLS- 6-12” Water well drilling in residential, commercial, industrial, municipal and heating and cooling. We use various methods for achieving the best results in our geological area.
    • WELL ABANDONMENT- Abandoning wells in accordance with state and local regulations.
    • REPLACEMENT WELLS- Wells drilled to the newest standards to provide years of good service.
    • GROUTING - All wells are grouted using pumped liquid grout for the best groundwater seal for your health.
    • WELL LOGS - Each time a new well is drilled, the details of its location must be recorded to reflect the positioning, ownership and geological information of where your well is drilled. These records are key to monitoring your well’s unique structure and staying compliant with local regulations.

    For more information regarding well drilling, consult our professionals at Camp today by calling 406-549-3411.