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You’re probably aware of the health benefits of regular exercise. If you brush your teeth each day, you probably value the health benefits of oral hygiene. But did you know there are also health benefits that come with regular water system maintenance in Missoula, MT?

That’s right—keeping this system well maintained offers personal health benefits for you and your family. In contrast, failure to properly maintain this system can prove detrimental to your health. Here’s the scoop.

Pure Water is Good for the Body

Our bodies need water to survive. Our bodies need quality water to thrive. It stands to reason that when you give your body the pure water it needs, you’ll feel better. Your health benefits from a healthy intake of water.

When you take in more water, your body is better able to absorb nutrients. This intake also helps with weight loss and detoxification. Keeping the body well hydrated with purified water keeps systems operating optimally and boosts your overall health.

How can you achieve this healthy intake of water? When you perform regular water system maintenance in Missoula, MT, you keep your system in top performance so it delivers the pure water your body craves.

Water Systems Are Environmentally Friendly

What happens when people don’t have access to a well-maintained water system? To avoid drinking poor-quality water, they often purchase bottled water. This results in piles of plastic at landfills all over the world. Use regular water system maintenance in Missoula, MT to reduce waste and keep the planet cleaner. This will benefit not only your health, but that of generations to come.

Water Filtration Removes Toxic Elements

If you properly maintain your water system, you will remove a host of potentially dangerous contaminants from your water. Regular maintenance allows the system to properly filter out toxins that are hazardous to your health.

Arsenic is one of the poisons traditionally found in tap water. This is a potent carcinogen that can increase the risk of cancer. A water filtration system in Missoula, MT can also filter out disinfection byproducts. These are used by municipalities to disinfect drinking water. While they make the water healthier in some ways, they can also add harmful chemicals like chlorine to the water. A properly maintained filtration system will safely remove these byproducts.

Aluminum is another element often found in unfiltered municipal water. Consuming too much aluminum may cause skin problems, hyperactivity, Alzheimer’s disease and liver disease.

The fluoride found in drinking water can also pose health risks. It may lead to cellular damage and a weakened immune system.

The pipes used for many water systems are older, which means they may be made of lead. As the material leaks into the water, it can make the water dangerous. Fortunately, a water system can filter out the lead and protect you from these potential harms.

Protect Your Health

Why not start reaping the health benefits of purified water? For proper water system maintenance in Missoula, MT, partner with the pros at Camp Well Drilling and Pump Service. Since 1953, we’ve been a premier source for prompt, high-quality services in Missoula and the surrounding areas. Contact us today with any questions or to schedule your next maintenance service.

When fresh water is so easy to access, we often take it for granted. The system that brings filtered water to your tap rarely gets any attention until there is a problem. Unfortunately, this lack of maintenance is what causes those problems. Your water filtration system in Missoula, MT needs regular maintenance to keep it functioning optimally.

Why? The system works hard to separate the unwanted debris from your water before it reaches your sink, shower or washer. These removed particles can build up in the system over time and obstruct the water flow. Eventually, a lack of maintenance causes the system to become ineffective or break down entirely. So, how can you properly maintain your water filtration system in Missoula, MT? Use the following tips.

Replace Your Habits

You probably brush your teeth every morning. You take your car to the mechanic for regular tune-ups. These things are easy to forget if they aren’t part of your routine. What are your current habits regarding your water filtration system? To keep your water filtration system in Missoula, MT well maintained, replace the habit of forgetting about it with a habit of good maintenance. Establish a maintenance routine for this system.

Each week, clean your system. Use warm water to wash away any debris on the filters. Clean individual components to keep water flowing freely. Make this part of your normal house cleaning or other chores so your system doesn’t suffer from particle buildup.

Replace the Filter

You’ve probably heard similar warnings about your furnace or car. It’s essential to replace filters when needed to keep your water filtration system in Missoula, MT in top form. It’s not a difficult task—it’s simply difficult to remember when you aren’t thinking about it very much. Many systems even have an indicator to tell you when it’s time to replace the filter cartridge. When it’s time to do so, don’t delay. Waiting will only make your system ineffective. Your water quality will suffer, and so will the system’s parts.

Replace the System

How old is your water filtration system in Missoula, MT? Modern technology offers great advancements in filtration systems. If your system is older, consider the advantages of replacing it with a newer system. A modern system might be easier to maintain and offer better results. The savings in maintenance and energy that a new unit offers may far outweigh the initial investment in the system. Consult with your local filtration system expert to determine what might be the best solution for you and your property.

Learn More

If you’d like to find out more about proper maintenance for water filtration systems in Missoula, MT, contact the experienced team at Camp Well Drilling and Pump Service. We’ve been a go-to source for water services in Missoula since 1953. Locally owned and operated, we pride ourselves in delivering prompt, quality services to our community. Contact our knowledgeable staff today with any questions about your water filtration system. We look forward to partnering with you to keep your system in top shape.

Until there is a problem, most homeowners don’t think much about their water source or water quality. Is this true for you? Do you know what’s in your water? Many water sources contain elements that can cause property damage or even health concerns. The perfect solution is a water softener system in Missoula, MT.

Could your home benefit from one of these systems? Consider the following advantages a water softener system offers. If you’re still not sure if this solution is right for you, contact your local provider for a professional consultation.

  • Preserved pipes: All the chemicals present in hard water can cause severe wear and tear on plumbing over time. A water softener system creates water than is easier on your pipes. This can save money over the long run, as it extends the lifespan of piping and reduces the number of plumbing repairs.
  • Active appliances: Hard water is also hard on appliances. Washing machines and dishwashers are frequently exposed to large amounts of water. If this water contains elements that are harder to process, wash away or drain, your appliances are more likely to clog, corrode or fail. A water softener system can help preserve your appliances and keep them active over the long haul.
  • Softer skin: If you’ve ever bathed in both hard water and soft water, you probably noticed a difference afterwards. Hard water can leave traces of calcium or other elements in your hair and on your skin. As a result, your hair may be duller, drier or more brittle. Your skin can also feel dry, itchy or irritated due to mineral deposits. A water softener system in Missoula, MT will remove these elements and help keep your hair and skin smooth and soft.
  • Whiter whites: Did you know soft water can enhance your wardrobe? Hard water can stiffen fabrics and dull colors. Washing your clothes in soft water will help preserve them for years to come. You can spend less on clothing, since items last longer and can then be used as hand-me-downs, too.
  • Quicker cleaning: Over time, hard water leaves mineral deposits on faucets, drains and other surfaces. Cleaning these can become quite a chore. Reduce heavy-duty scrubbing with the use of a water softener system. Your cleaning will be quicker and you won’t have to use such harsh chemicals to achieve a smooth, shiny surface. Instead, you can spend your time and money on things that are far more fun than scrubbing bathrooms!

Are you considering adding a water softener system in Missoula, MT? If you have any questions or would like additional information, contact the team at Camp Well Drilling & Pump Service. As your local water experts, we can provide the answers you need. Our in-depth knowledge and superior service is unparalleled in our field.

Reach one of our highly trained technicians today at 406-549-3411. We look forward to partnering with you to provide the best water solutions for you and your family.

Are you familiar with submersible water pumps in Missoula, MT? This machinery offers a great option for many property owners. To determine if this type of pump is best for you, use the following guide. If you have any additional questions about submersible water pumps, don’t hesitate to contact your local water source expert.

What is a submersible water pump in Missoula, MT?

This style of well pump operates underground. Installed beneath the surface and completely submerged in liquid, a submersible water pump is designed to push the water underground to the surface. This mechanism is the reverse of other types of pumps, which suck water from the ground.

How does a submersible water pump in Missoula, MT work?

Submersible pumps are typically made of a two-to-four-foot cylinder that is about four inches in diameter. The cylinder is hermetically sealed to prevent short circuits. The pump’s motor drives an impeller that spins and draws water into the pump. It then pushes the water through the cylinder and up to the surface. A cable is connected to the motor for power, and a connected pipe carries the water to the surface for deposit into a storage tank.

What are the advantages of a submersible water pump in Missoula, MT?

This style of water pump offers several benefits to property owners. First, they offer longevity—the typical lifespan of these pumps is 20 to 25 years. They are also very low maintenance. Most require initial installation, and then aren’t seen again until the end of the lifespan for replacement. Submersible pumps are also highly efficient. This translates to lower electric bills. Lastly, due to its design and its location far underground, this type of pump is quiet.

What maintenance is required for a submersible water pump in Missoula, MT?

Due to their subterranean location, many pump owners worry about the potential hassle of maintenance for a submersible water pump. However, a scheduled inspection every year or two typically helps keep your pump running for a couple of decades. Proper service by a qualified technician will keep your pump in great condition. He or she will inspect the pipe, tank, fittings, pump and pressure switch to thoroughly service your system.

What are the warning signs that it’s time to replace a submersible water pump in Missoula, MT?

Is your faucet spitting or sputtering? This is usually a sign of a failing pump. You may have a broken check valve or cracked water pipes. If your electric bill starts to rise dramatically, this is another indication that your pump is failing. A pump that continuously runs is also a red flag that it is about to fail.

Does your water look muddy or cloudy? This indicates that sediment is present in your well. You may be able to fix this problem by lowering the pump. However, a new well may also be needed. Avoid prolonged pumping of this sediment-filled water, as this can cause pump failure.

Who can I contact with additional questions?

If you have additional questions or concerns regarding submersible water pumps in Missoula, MT, contact the team at Camp Well Drilling and Pump Service. Our experienced professionals are happy to answer your questions or make arrangements for your next service.

Do you own a well? If so, is your water properly filtered? A water filtration system in Missoula, MT is an important part of your water sourcing. This system can make multiple improvements to your water and your life. If you don’t have one of these systems, consider the following reasons for adding one:

  1. Improved taste: Many water sources contain chemicals that directly affect the taste of the water. Without a water filtration system in Missoula, MT, your water may have a foul taste. This will affect your drinking water and the taste of any food to which the water is added. A filter removes the offensive particles to purify the water and improve its taste.
  2. Improved balance: While you want to remove unhealthy chemicals or contaminants from your water, there are certain minerals that are good for water to contain. Using a quality water filtration system in Missoula, MT will allow you to remove the unwanted particles and keep the healthy ones. Your water will be much more balanced and healthy.
  3. Improved quality: Your water can become contaminated for a number of reasons. Polluted groundwater, wastewater runoff and natural erosion can wreak havoc on your system. Your water can become contaminated with hazardous materials such as bacteria, lead and sediment. Laced with chemicals and other potentially dangerous natural and manmade products, your water can become unhealthy to consume. A water filtration system will rid your water of these contaminants and provide a healthy water source for you and your family.
  4. Improved health: As you and your loved ones drink filtered water that is purified and free of contaminants, you will reduce the chance of illness. Unfiltered water can cause gastrointestinal issues, nausea and other health concerns. Growing children and those with compromised immune systems can be particularly susceptible to the effects of unfiltered drinking water. When you install a water filtration system in Missoula, MT, you are adding a layer of protection to your family’s health.
  5. Improved convenience: Using bottled water or boiling your water are very inconvenient methods of avoiding unfiltered water usage. Why not simply install a water filtration system, so you can conveniently and safely use your tap water? You’ll reduce your hassle factor and save time.
  6. Improved savings: Installing a water filtration system in Missoula, MT requires some upfront cost. However, it can save you in the long run. Bottled water is expensive, and the cost never goes away. You will be buying bottles of water for the rest of your life. Once you install a filtration system, the main cost is complete. You can enjoy purified water for years to come and never buy another case of bottled water.

Improve Your Water Today

Would you like to start reaping these many benefits of filtered water? Contact the professionals at Camp Well Drilling and Pump Service to install your water filtration system in Missoula, MT. Our experienced staff can answer any questions you have and help you choose the best filtration solution for your property. We look forward to partnering with you to create clean water for you and your family!

Your water pump is an essential component that keeps your well working to keep your home or business supplied with fresh, clean water, but this part isn’t invincible. Eventually, you’ll have to replace your pump, and this can be a pretty significant expense. Because of the cost associated with water pump replacement in Missoula, MT, it’s important that you know whether replacement is really necessary. You should understand what kinds of signs to look out for that indicate the need for water pump replacement, as well as what you can do to keep your well pump in good shape for as long as possible to avoid premature replacement:

  • Changes in the quality of your water: If your water suddenly changes in its color, taste or smell, you should consider a professional inspection and pump replacement immediately. Any indication that your water quality has been compromised should be taken very seriously, and you should make sure to get things checked out. In the meantime, drink filtered or bottled water to stay on the safe side and avoid any waterborne illnesses.
  • Noisy operation: Loud noises coming from your plumbing system can indicate several different problems. One of the explanations may be that your pump bearings may be worn out. As these parts become worn, they will start to make squeaking or clicking sounds and may need to be replaced. Another possible explanation for noisy well operation is that some debris has gotten into your pump housing and is impeding its usual function. If the debris does enough damage, you may need a complete water pump replacement in Missoula, MT.
  • Water sputtering: If your water is sputtering, it might indicate that your well is struggling to bring water up. In other words, your well pump might need to be placed deeper to reach a more plentiful supply of groundwater. Only a professional will be able to make this determination, so it’s a good idea to enlist a specialist to help you determine whether the issue has to do with your plumbing or if it’s connected to a lack of water.
  • Spike in costs: If you monthly energy costs seem to be sharply increasing, it’s possible that your well pump isn’t operating as efficiently as it should. Without regular service, your pump might have to work harder to move water through your system. As it ages, it might have to struggle even more just to keep up and will eventually need to be replaced.

If you think it might be time for water pump replacement in Missoula, MT, make sure to give the team at Camp Well Drilling and Pump Service a call for an in-depth inspection. We have provided premier well and pump services, including repair, maintenance and installation, since 1953, and we have developed a reputation for delivering outstanding work to our commercial and residential customers. We pride ourselves on the quality of our services and our dedication to customer satisfaction. We can walk you through any issues with your water pump and offer comprehensive solutions to increase your system’s effectiveness and longevity. To schedule your appointment, give us a call today.

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Can Your Water Well Go Dry?

If your home, business or municipal property uses a well to get water from underground, you may think that the water is always available. While the process of drilling and installing a new well is strategic so you will have water ready whenever you need it, there is always the possibility that your well can run dry.

Fortunately, dry wells are not necessarily permanent. Before panicking about a well running dry, call your local well drilling company in Missoula, MT and see what they can do to help prevent your well from drying up and leaving your building without water.

To better understand dry wells, you must first understand where well water comes from and how it is replenished.

Understanding how wells work

As part of the hydrologic cycle, precipitation from the sky will go to three places: it will evaporate and turn into precipitation again; it will runoff into streams, rivers, lakes and oceans; and it will infiltrate into the ground between soil and rock. This is what we call groundwater.

Groundwater is constantly moving and will seep through various layers of rock and soil. Almost all of the space between rocks gets filled with water, and when a well drilling company in Missoula, MT creates a well to tap into this water, the space underground is called an aquifer.

As your well pump pulls water from the ground, the aquifer below is constantly refilling with fresh water due to the hydrologic cycle and consistent precipitation. This allows your well to provide a steady stream of water. Unfortunately, wells can go dry over time.

Why wells go dry

Your well will be considered dry when the water level in your well drops below pump intake, meaning the water level is too low for your well pump to get water. This is more common in times of drought and overuse, since water is being used faster than it can be replenished by precipitation.

Dry wells may also occur due to the natural flow of water underground. Water fills cracks and holes in the soil and dirt below the earth, but the infiltration may change over time, leaving your aquifer drier than it has been in the past.

Fortunately, this does not mean your well will be dry forever. The hydrologic cycle is constant, even in times of drought. Over time, the water level may rise again, rendering your well usable once more.

What to do when your well is drying up

If you start to notice your well water become murky or your faucets start to sputter with air when running the tap, you should call a well drilling company in Missoula, MT and have them check for a dry well.

Sometimes, the professionals can fix the problem by lowering your water pump to the level at which water currently exists underground. You may also need to deepen your well or hydrofrac it to open up the space underground and increase water flow to your aquifer.

If you suspect your well is going dry, call Camp Well Drilling and Pump Service! Our well drilling company in Missoula, MT has over 65 years of experience installing, repairing and replacing water pumps, drilling wells and installing pressure systems and other hardware. Call us today to learn more about how we can serve you!

One of the most common questions people have about water wells concerns their benefits. Homeowners want to know: What is the point of having a water well? In other words, people want to know if they will be better off contacting a well drilling contractor in Missoula, MT or if they should choose to connect to the city water supply.

This is an important question to consider, as it affects major decisions about construction and utility usage. If you’re wondering about this, too, consider the following perks of having a water well. The benefits are many, but they fall into four main categories of green.

Save Green

Every homeowner looks for ways to decrease their expenses. This is one of those ways. Having a water well can save you money. When you are hooked up to municipal water systems, you have to pay monthly usage fees and any other taxes they decide to charge. With your own water well, you won’t have to pay these fees. You can control your own water usage to keep your costs within your budget. Over time, you’ll save significant amounts of money.

Go Green

Did you know city-wide systems require chemicals to filter and treat the water? The system is used to support large numbers of people, so the water must be thoroughly treated. A lot of chemicals are used to make the water usable. With your own water well, you don’t need these chemicals for filtering. As a result, your well is more environmentally friendly. You’re reducing the number of chemicals in the environment and lessening your personal exposure to them. If you want to go green, go for a water well. Contact a well drilling contractor in Missoula, MT to explore your options.

Taste Green

Have you noticed that not all water tastes the same? Its source and treatment impact the final quality and taste of the water. When water is free of chemicals, it is not only better for the environment—it also tastes better! It is naturally softened and lacks the chemical taste of other water supplies. With a water well, you can enjoy the clear, refreshing taste of natural water.

Feel Green

Green means go! If you want to get a green light on your health, consider a water well. Water that comes naturally from the ground contains less contamination. Municipal water may contain chlorine and other chemicals. You have less control over its filtering and quality. When you contact a well drilling contractor in Missoula, MT to create your own water supply, you provide better quality water for yourself and your family, which can lead to better health.

Get Green

Are you ready to start taking advantage of these many benefits of water wells? Contact your local well drilling contractor in Missoula, MT today. Give the experts at Camp Well Drilling and Pump Service the green light to get started on your well. A little investment today can provide multiple benefits for tomorrow. Reach out to our experienced team to answer any questions or to schedule your service.

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What Equipment Is Needed to Drill a Well?

In America, there are over 40 million active water wells. Most of those wells were drilled (not dug) with a cable tool drilling rig. These rigs used a carbide tip drill to work through the rock, and intermittently use water, a bailer and a bucket tool to remove the rock and soil fragments from the drill hole. Nowadays, almost no one in the U.S. still uses cable-tool drills, as they’re more time consuming than more modern rotary rigs, which eject the debris caused from drilling during the drilling process.

In the United States, most people use a mobile rig setup on an industrial truck.

Mobile rig

Most modern wells are drilled by a mobile drilling rig that either uses air power, hydraulic power or machine power to perform the drill cutting. These machines are flexible and can be outfitted with different drills for different situations, such as an auger for softer soil, and rotary drill bits for rock. While these machines do their work, they use mud pumps and air compressors to help remove excess soil and rock while also driving the drill deeper. These modern mobile rigs are usually capable of drilling wells of around 1,000 feet, whereas the older cable-tool style rigs can dig much deeper, though they do so much slower.

Once the well is drilled

Once the well is drilled, your provider of water well drilling in Missoula, MT will install a pump to help bring the water from the water table to the surface. As long as the water in your well stays above the levels of the pump intake, your well should function beautifully. Only if it drops below this level will the well “go dry.” Generally, your water well drilling company will know a lot about the historical water table and will therefore plan to drill a well for you that should easily stand the test of time.

We use only the leading pumps from the most reputable brands around, including:

  • Goulds
  • Franklin Electric
  • Grundfos
  • Webtrol
  • Meyers
  • Flint & Walling
  • AY McDonald

Once your well is drilled and fully set up, your water well drilling company will then register your well with the proper authorities (all wells must be registered). Our well drilling is a full-service offering. And, because we only use top-of-the line equipment, and only the most talented and expert team available—not to mention our nearly 65 years of experience in water well drilling in Missoula, MT—you’ll know that when you work with us, you’re getting the best.

Reach out to a well drilling company in Missoula, MT

Give Camp Well Drilling and Pump Service a call if you’re in need of a well drilled or a pump repaired or replaced. We’ve been the premier providers of water well drilling in Missoula, MT since 1953, and have helped so many hundreds of customers over the years gain access to water. We always provide high quality, prompt and affordable service—in fact, we’ve made our reputation by doing just that. If you’d like to work with the best, most knowledgeable team of water well drilling experts in the state, give us a call today.

Calcium deposits in your plumbing from your well water system is a rather common issue in the U.S., as we have a lot of areas with calcium-rich soil and rock beds. The calcium is leached into the water naturally as it is filtered through the soil.

The buildup of calcium can cause plenty of issues in your home and in your plumbing. Not only can the buildup clog pipes, even causing them to burst in cases of older plumbing, it can also clog and break larger appliances such as your dishwasher, refrigerator or washing machine. For such a common problem, calcium deposits in your well water can cause extensive, expensive damage.

If you’ve got calcium deposits in your plumbing from your well water, here are some tips for softening your water from your local well drilling company in Missoula, MT.

Install a water softener

Install a water softener to the main water line as it enters your home. This will give you full-system water softening. You’ll be able to add additional softeners at other points in the system that need even softer water, but this will give your house a good, healthy baseline.

Choose a softening agent like magnesium for your water softener, and then you can turn on your water softener and go. The magnesium will probably need to be replenished every two to three weeks, especially if you have really hard water.

Install a filter for your refrigerator and washing machine, and try magnetic conditioning devices for your sinks.

For your refrigerator and washing machine, add a polyphosphate filter. You’ll just put it in the pipe where it meets the appliance. This uses a different softening treatment to treat the water a second time, assuring far less calcium remains in the water.

You should also consider trying a magnetic conditioning device for all the sinks in your home. The jury’s still out on these, but anecdotally, they do seem to make a noticeable difference in the flavor of water, and also seem like they can help to further keep calcium from building up in your fixtures. These devices can be installed at the inlet pipe for each sink. If you have any questions, simply contact your local well drilling company in Missoula, MT

Contact a well drilling company in Missoula, MT

Few things in life are as refreshing or as wholesome as a tall, clean glass of cold water. As a well drilling company in Missoula, MT since 1953, the work we do at Camp Well Drilling and Pump Service has helped fill up countless millions of glasses of water. We love the work we do and pride ourselves on being our area’s premier well drilling company. We’ve gotten here by taking care of our customers, by providing prompt, honest and affordable service, and by always being generous with our advice and our expertise. If you need a well drilled or are in need of any repairs in your pumping system, please give us a call. As a well drilling company, we’re known for providing the best service at the best price, so there’s no need to hesitate—call today!

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